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Fitness for Service (FFS) studies of a piece of equipment in which a defect was detected, it has come to the end of its usable life, or is requested to serve outside its design condition are based on surveys, testing and models in order to define whether its components can continue operating or not and/or which ones need repairing or replacing. This service is performed using standardized and technically justified procedures to guarantee consistent and accurate forecasts. FFS techniques include procedures such as those defined in the standard API STD 579 “Fitness for Service”. We count with the experts and tools for all testing, both physical and numerical, for the evaluation of the components subjected to: pressure and external loads, which might present volumetric defects (deformation, wear, erosion, corrosion, etc.), planar (fatigue, stress corrosion cracking, lack of fusion or penetration in welds, etc.) and/or microstructural (hydrogen embrittlement, creep, etc.)


All our services involve a high degree of confidentiality, which is formalized through standard agreements associated to the industry. This is of utmost importance in our habitual working context and it includes litigation, insurance, high-impact environmental and labor issues, plans and strategies for economic development, etc.


Our services are run by multidisciplinary teams, with proven expertise in various industries. The services may include different levels of analysis and different objectives provided with the highest scientific thoroughness.

Interaction with our customers

The scope of work and its implementation are agreed with the customer, adjusting in each case the structure of resources and depth of analysis to the needs and urgency required.